Friday, July 30, 2010


So proud ... on so many levels!
(yep ... she's my sister!)

Check out all the videos .. they are really great!

Friday, July 23, 2010


I realized that I never posted the results of Lala's Clay Camp. Here are just a couple of the things I made while up in Washington at the beginning of the summer visiting and working with Lala in her super cool ceramic studio. I also made a few bowls and have a couple unfinished projects that will get finished when I get back in school. In other words ... there was a lot more to Clay Camp 2010 than what you see below. So fun huh! I bet you want to come next year! Plant sticks to embellish your garden.
Bird House
There is a hole on the bottom so you can put it on a stick and put it in your yard/garden. Just an option.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Perfect Heart

One year ago today I was here! Getting this put in my heart!
(yep that is the inside of my heart)
One year ago today I had my PFO (well mine ended up being an ASD ... which is just a big hole in your heart) fixed! After my one year check up last week I can gladly report that everything looks great and the devise (seen above) has set nicely and my hole is 100% closed!

It has been a great year! I have NEVER in my life felt better. There has been a HUGE improvement with the headaches. They are not completely gone ... 85%-90%! And that I would say has been
I am grateful for every day that I don't have a headache and get a little nervous when I do get one that maybe my luck has run out. The night before my surgery I wrote this post "Oh My Broken Heart". Well here IS to all that hoping and praying and wishing! And I think I will keep up a little hoping and praying and wishing.

For more information about PFO's go to this website

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Before Em headed back to AZ we had to do one long bike ride. We headed to the west side of the lake. It is the best place for a long bike ride. There is very little traffic ... obviously no stop lights and endless road. But the best part is the scenery. What an incredibly beautiful valley we live in.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Let Freedom RUN!

Emily, Gavin, Peter and I ran in the Freedom Festival Freedom Run 5K.
Gav, Pete and I set PR's this race. (Em who had run so hard she had to stop .1 from the finish line to throw up in the gutter missed hers by just seconds ... she still beat all of us.)
Good times, good times!

(believe it or not ... I am not signed up for any more races at the moment!)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Sleepover

It is a night to get excited for!
The annual Summer Sleepover with Aunt Sari! Lots of giggles and treats!
We made homemade pizza and watched a movie ... all of us snuggled up on my bed (eating licorice of course).

This year we decorated cupcakes.
I love my girls!