Monday, April 23, 2018

Free Stuff For Having Twins!

When I was pregnant with my twins I found a list on Pinterest of companies that have "multiple birth programs" and would send you free products and/or coupons.  The list was really old but I thought it was worth a shot.  While pumping with my hands free pump bra I addressed envelopes.  In each one I included a letter (just saying that we had twins and would like to enroll in their multiples club) and copies with the twins birth certificates (required by most of the companies).  I blacked out any information that I thought they didn't need.  They really just want proof that you have multiples.  It was so fun when we started getting packages in the mail.  Mostly we got coupons.  But they were high value coupons -- like $15 coupons!  Here is the list of places that I actually got stuff from.

Att. Multiple Birth Program
2091 9th St.
(I got a package of Rattles and sippy cups)

Pampers Multiples Program
Proctor & Gamble Co
PO Box 599
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Mead Johnson Nutrition
Attn: Enfamil Multiple Birth Promotion
2400 W Lloyd Evpy
Evansville, IN 47721
(high value coupons)

Multiple Birth Program
445 State St
Freemont, MI 49413

Ocean Spray
Consumer Affairs Dep
1 Ocean Spray Dr.
Lakeville-Middleborough MA 02349
(coupons for free product)

"parent pack"

American Baby
Gift Basket Headquarters
PO Box 734
New York, NY 10113

Evenflo Co
Att. Multiple Birth Program
1801 Commerce Dr.
Piqua, OH 45356

Rainbow Kids
Dept. Free Hats
PO Box 31817
Bellingham WA 98228

Playtex Baby

I am sure there are more companies that you could contact as well.  Most places you register will also give you a box of samples and free product, Amazon and Target do for sure.  Similac has a program that you can enroll in with a form from your pediatrician.  They send high value coupons and reward checks as you buy their product.  Honest company will send you a box of samples when you sign up for a subscription.  Once I got the box of samples I called and cancelled the subscription.  It's a little work but so worth it!

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