Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Madness!

It is true that I have gotten sucked into college basketball this year. (A certain boy got me hooked on watching the Cougs.) It hasn't captured my heart like the Bronco's but it has been fun and I even have a favorite player (hello, it is so much more fun when you have a team boyfriend!). The first week of MM was intense! Love the upsets, although my interest has dwindled as my bracket is totally shot at this point and I will admit that the timing of last week is unfortunate as it would have been much more fun to be watching all these games with that certain boy (sigh). Anyway ... THAT March Madness is not what this post is actually about ....

MaRcH MadNeSs!

March has been busy and crazy and has shot by in a flash! We are suddenly at the end of the month. Spring is in the air. There are just a few things that are blog note worthy for the month of March.

It seems like the only time I actually make anything is when I do demonstrations for my classes. My ceramics II classes started throwing on the wheel so I got to play a little. These are a couple of the pieces that I did as demos for them. Seriously, I have the best job (except for this last week when I was grading a bazillion ceramic projects)! I feel a give away coming soon. Stay tuned.

I didn't exactly have the best week last week. So when I stopped at my mailbox on Wednesday what could I find that would just top it all off????

JURY DUTY PAPERS! Now for many of you this probably doesn't mean much. You have gotten them before, filled them out and never thought of it again because nothing ever came of it. Some of you have never seen such papers (who did you pay off? huh?). Well for me, it makes my stomach drop! The last time I got this lovely yellow paper I ended up on a two week FEDERAL trial! While it was very exciting (by the end of the trial there was so much press we had to be escorted out of the courthouse by security through the tunnels and then separated and taken to our cars!) and made me want to audit law school I feel that I have done my civic duty ... FOR LIFE!
It really just felt like the cherry on top of my what next week.

Since we are on the topic of
CIVIC DUTY ... next time you see me please address me as
"Representative Sari"

Like many of you I did heed the call to attend my caucus meeting a couple nights ago. Next thing I know I am agreeing to be a County Representative for my precinct. I really feel this is the beginning of my political career. {HA} I think I might be, "go'in to Washington D.C."

Well I survived the end of yet another term and grades and excuses. Please don't ever let YOUR child be the child that shows up the day or even ten minutes AFTER grades have gone in and says, "Miss Christensen, what can I do to get my grade up?" REALLY? REALLY? REALLY! Let's start by going BACK in time and doing the assignments! Ugh. On the bright side ... we only have EIGHT weeks (not counting the upcoming week of spring break) of school left. HOLY COW!
Summer Sari is in sight.

Now let's move on to April shall we!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Run Run As Fast As You Can!

A couple months ago Beckie called me and asked if I would run the Moab half marathon with her. Ummm ... NO THANKS! I am just not that interested in running 13.1 miles. Ok, so run the 5 miler instead. Yes, that I can do. Of course we had to make a fun weekend out of the event. So Beck flew to SLC and we drove to Moab together. Three straight hours of uninterrupted talk time. How fun is that! We got up early, headed to the shuttles, wished each other luck and parted ways. Boy it was a cold morning. SOOO cold! Finally the race started and off we went. What a beautiful run.

I had a great race. I felt good. I was happy with my time. So all and all it was a good experience. I hung out and waited for Beck to finish her race. She did AWESOME! I am so impressed that she ran 13.1 miles! Then we got another three hours in the car ... a little stinky but fun all the same. Who would have ever thought that Beckie and I would be running a race together (ok, kinda together). Now what? Triathlon in two months!

Thursday, March 18, 2010


You are following a TV show. It is starting to get pretty good. There is some anticipation each week as to what is going to happen next. Just a little something to look forward to ... you know what I am talking about because you all have at least one show that you watch. And then one week it is a rerun! Ugh ... and it isn't even a very good episode. In fact it isn't good at all!
Welcome to my life!
I am living a rerun in my own personal sitcom/drama that my life seems to be. I am not kidding. This week has been a total rerun of this same week last year. And that was not exactly a good week. It is a little bizarre how rerun-ish these two weeks have been. I didn't enjoy this episode the first time around. I really don't want to watch (or rather live) it again. So ... gotta shake my life up a little (or something) and then there are those things just not under my control (hate that). I have never been a big fan of reruns. New episode please!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Spring Snowshoe

With a random Friday off from school (no there was no holiday ... it's called cutbacks!) We headed up to the cabin. Of course we had to go out for a little spring snowshoeing.
It was a beautiful blue skied day.

We kinda sneak around ... so when we hear someone coming we have to "run and hide". This is my mom "running and hiding". It just makes snowshoeing a little more exciting.

A little fresh air, a little exercise, a little adventure, a little nature!
A great day of Spring Snowshoeing!