Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Perfect Day

Our wedding day was ... perfect!  
It was dreamy and beautiful!
I could not have imagined a more perfect wedding!
 Erik and I were married in the Mt. Timpanogos LDS Temple surrounded by our friends and family.
I am so grateful that we could be married for eternity.
 We are both so lucky to have amazing parents!  I am pretty sure they were thrilled/relieved for us! 
 I have always been lucky to have such great friends!
 My Bestie and wedding planner.  My blissful day would NEVER have had happened without her!  Thank you is not enough for all she did!
 "Worth the Wait" 
It seemed like a fitting theme for our wedding.
 Our reception was A-MAZ-ING!  
No seriously it was amazing!  I loved every detail and every second of it.  I wish I could have slowed down time to soak it all in.
 Wedding day pictures were done by Bry Cox.  He is simply fantastic!
 My pottery was used as the center pieces.  So fun!
 We were spoiled with all the gifts we received.
Chandeliers and stars were the decor.
 It was such a perfect day!
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dress.  It was one of the few things that I really cared about and I was not disappointed.  Oh I love it! 
 My veil was borrowed from my friend Ashley.
 "First look"  
Before he saw me in my dress for the first time I snatched a quick pinch.
 Erik's sister, Steph, took our engagements and bridals.  She is so talented ... to say the least!
 Erik and his siblings 
I love these pictures.
 My family all did so much to help with this special day! 
 I am so grateful for their love and support! 
 I surprised E with his own BYU cake ... along with a ticket to the BYU vs Notredame game.
 This is one of my favorite pictures.  Don't we look like we could be in a magazine!
What a dream!  
Oh how I love him!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! to all our friends and family!

Introducing ...

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Sorenson.  Yep!  That's right ... in my blogging absence I was very busy getting married (oh and starting a new job, and moving and selling my house).  It has been six months and I still can hardly believe it myself.  What a whirlwind, dreamy, life changing year it has been! 
So where do I begin?  How about with a love story -- our love story ... in a nutshell. 
 Spring term had just started.  I had six weeks left of school.  I literally felt like I was holding on by a string and a prayer.  
One Sunday afternoon (May 5 to be exact) I casually checked my email, not expecting to find much.  What the heck! I had an email from Erik?  What? (yes THAT Erik!  Erik from three years ago!)  Someone has to have hacked his email!  (because that happens all the time! right?)  The reason for my skepticism was that I had not heard from or seen Erik in almost two years.  Nothing! (I had deleted him from my phone, FB ... everything!)  The email was goofy and a little confusing.  He acknowledged that this was out of the blue but wondered if I would like to go do something sometime.   After a total freak out with Kim I responded to his email with "call me" I didn't know what else to say.   After an awkward conversation (how do you sum up the last two years of your life over the phone?) the ice was broken.  A few days later we went out.  We hit a bucket of golf balls and then went to dinner.  Within minutes of sitting down to eat I launched right into ... what are you doing?!?  I laid it right out there that I really did not have time for this ... whatever this was.  If he just wants to be friends great!  Call me in July when I have finished school!  I believe at one point I told him that he was going ruin my life, my new exciting life that I was about to have.  I may have even told him to leave me alone (charming I know!).
He did just that.  He left me alone, for the most part anyway.  I did my best to stay focused on school but was pretty bugged that he was actually leaving me alone after waltzing into my life.  We text and talked a couple of times.  At the end of the month I was starting to see the light at the end of the grad school tunnel so I text him.  We made plans to go out to dinner before he headed out of the country for work.  We met for Thai food, ran to Target to get him some stuff for his trip and took a peak at my new wood floors (yep .. I was still remodeling my house!) I returned to my car and I knew, DANG IT!  I am going to marry him.  Ugh!  This is not my plan!
Things moved pretty quickly after that. 
One month later we discussed getting married.
Three weeks later he proposed.
Two months later we were married!
(I wasn't joking when I said we moved fast!)

And that is how I became Mrs. Sorenson (in a nutshell).