Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cruising 101

 Beckie is going on a cruise next week. LUCKY! 
I have been on a few cruises so she asked if I had any advise for her first cruise.  I thought I would share a few cruising tips.
 1. When you get to the ship they will take your bags and deliver them to your room.  It usually takes a couple of hours.  So you want to pack a little carry-on with whatever you might need for the first few hours.  I usually pack my swim suit, sun screen, camera, book, .... you get the idea.  Don't forget to keep your ID (passport), credit card, and cruise paperwork with you (you want to be able to get ON the ship). 
2. Explore the ship.  When you first get on the ship everything is open.  Places like the spa do give-aways. It is a good time to familiarize yourself with the ship.  So go wonder!
3.  There is ONE outlet in your room.  That's right, ONE!  With all the chargers, curling irons and blow dryers you will be taking with you one outlet does not do it.  We take a small extension cord with a splitter on the end. (Maybe not a problem if you are only traveling with one other person.  But I travel with 3 other girls.) 
4.   Food!  Ohh the food!  While food is in abundance (don't even pretend that you aren't going to eat!) 24 hours a day there is not a lot of snack food.  We bring our own candy for while we are watching movies or lounging by the pool.  What? We like candy! Something to think about if you are taking kids with you. (no! I did not eat all those desserts by myself.  Ok maybe I did)
5.  AC.  Bring a sweater, shawl, or jacket.  The theater and dinning room are air conditioned.  And remember you are on the water.  It can get a little chilly at night.
6.  There is always something to do .. or not do!  That is the beauty of the ship!  Check the schedule.  You just might to join in the mini golf tournament.  (You know we did and you know we have medals!)
7.  Books.  Did you know that the ship has a library?  Check it out.  They have books and games that you can borrow.  No need to pack your own.  If you bring a book with you and don't want to carry it home, donate it to the ship library.
8.  Get to know the staff. It isn't hard to do.  They are friendly and helpful from the get go.  They are a great source for what to do while at the ports.  They have been to these places dozens of times.  They can recommend beaches, excursions, restaurants, etc.  You just have to ask!  (ok, not everyone gets to hang with Cap'n Nick Nash we are just cool like that!).
9.  Bring your own water bottle. (everyone pretty much carries a water bottle ... right?)  You don't want to have to buy water every time you get off the ship and you DON'T want to be drinking the water at most ports. 
 10.  Go to the gift shop, have them punch a hole in your key card, put it on a lanyard (they sell them in the gift shop).  A MUST if you have kids.
11.  Last but not least ... take the stairs.  After all you eat you will be glad you did.  But not only that the elevators are slow and sometimes crowded!  (there, I just justified eating those desserts by myself).

*** Beck came back with another tip -- wear a watch (I forgot about this one and it is a good one) We are so use to using our phones to know the time.  But on the ship you aren't using your phone. 

Do you have any cruising tips? Leave them in a comment.
Cruise = pure vacation! 
Bon Voyage! 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Stress Management

I was feeling very hardcore when I went for a run this morning. 
The earth covered in a blanket of white, the air crisp and clean, it is a magical time to go running.  I think I actually found a little joy in running today!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making Time

There are a lot of things I have not been doing this year.  Things I like to do.  It is only 14 months and then my life will go back to ... being my life (that is what I keep telling myself anyway).  I just don't have a lot of TIME right now.
 Sometimes you just have to MAKE a little time.  Em was in town for Fall Break so I took a day off of homework for a day of salsa canning. 

 Not only is it a lovely day with my sister, it is yummy salsa we can enjoy all year long.
It was well worth the time!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Joy

Diet Coke + Kim's caramel corn + Bronco's game.
Now that is JOY!
Kim's caramel corn is freaking good!  You should ask her for the recipe.