Tuesday, September 30, 2008

San Fran

Who doesn't love a weekend in
San Francisco?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

One of those weeks ....

This was just one of those weeks ... it was emotionally, physically, mentally exhausting! It was Friday and I was SOOO glad this week was over! I had a pretty kick back day ahead of me at school and then a free weekend! I get to school and turn on my computer. The normal log on screen did not pop up! That's weird, so I leave it for a bit and go do something else. When I come back it still hasn't booted up right. So I call our IT guy. He comes in as I am starting class. I see him at my computer typing away. He can fix anything and I am really not worried. Until .... he softly says my name and then says,
"it's gone! it's all gone!"
"What do you mean?" I say. "What is gone?"
"Your hard dive has been wiped clean. Everything is gone!"
I actually remained very cool. Less out of self control and more out of shock I am sure. I know the first thing you want to ask me is if back up my computer. Well, kinda. I backed up everything about two years ago. So not EVERYTHING is gone. Just everything I have done in the last two years of teaching! The part that makes me want to throw up the most are all the powerpoints I have lost for teaching my AP art history class. About every 10 minutes I think of some demo, worksheet, letter, handout, powerpoint I have done in the last two years that is now gone! GONE .... GONE! Hours of my life ... poof!

And that is how my week ended.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hhmmm, what to do with a lug of tomatoes? I know!
Spaghetti Sauce!
Cass, Jennie and I spent our Saturday, our ENTIRE Saturday bottling spaghetti sauce. We didn't really know what we were doing but managed to turn out a delicious concoction! We even added some secret ingredients! Most of the ingredients were from one of our gardens. Ok, not my garden because I don't have one, but their gardens. We thoroughly enjoy spending a day together chatting and discussing topics like .. what did the pioneers eat? We did conclude that their gardens must have been huge and the food they ate in the winter was probably kinda blah! (again .. I am so glad I a was not a pioneer!) There is something very satisfying about taking home grown produce and preparing it for winter use. I felt oh so domestic! Who knew canning could be so fun!

Friday, September 5, 2008

I Heart These Boys!

You all know that I am super cool because I am friends with Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband! No really I am! They have a new video out so you all need to go check it out! Love it! Love the song! Be the One!
Boyz II Men Concert
Scera Shell
They totally still have the best moves! Why have I not been going to more boy band concerts???
When they come back, and they totally said they would!, I am for sure going and for sure getting front row tickets!

Labor Day 2008

The official end of summer! We usually have a pool party/bbq to close the summer but the rain and 55 degree weather just didn't allow for that. So, instead we head up to the cabin for a bbq/game night. As always lots of fun! How sad I am that summer is "officially" over!