Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Spring Break 2010

It all just feels like a dream. A wonderful, perfect dream that you don't ever want to wake up from. (sorry Melissa ... we know you are back there)
Spring Break 2010 was spent on the Sea of the Western Caribbean aboard the Crown Princess. Seven days of bliss. Seven days of sun, food, reading, lounging .. bliss I tell you BLISS!

We celebrated Easter Sunday on board the ship. The Easter bunny (by the name of Stacy) visited our cabin while we were out at the pool.

Grand CaymanJennie and I went diving in Grand Cayman. You know diving is one of my most favorite things to do. There is just nothing like that moment when you first start to descend. When you enter another world. It is magical.
(check out our super cute dive master Mark. Just an added bonus to our day of diving.)
Jennie and I exploring Grand Cayman.
Jennie is one of my BEST BUDDIES! There are so many things I admire about this girl. I am SUPER lucky to have her as a friend. Funny things just happen when you are with Jennie. Who else will get on the bunk beds and take "BF pictures" with you?(This gives you a good look at our cabin. yikes! Needless to say we did not spend much time in there.)
Hitting the green during a day at sea.
Look at that blue ocean in the background.

Love this girl!Stacy and I have now been on three cruises together. I love that Stacy is always up for .. whatever! The perfect person to travel with.
SOOOO excited to watch New Moon (barf!)
Movie Under the Stars (love watching a movie on the deck out under the stars while out at sea).

Wow! We are so pretty. Formal night. They have photographers set up to take your picture but we don't really need them. We just set up our own photo shoot. Put me in a black dress and throw in a gold stair case .... watch out!
Jennie totally should be an "action model"

Roatan Honduras

As we pulled into port there were a couple really cool ship wrecks. We basically stayed in the "cruise line built port" It was kind of a fake Honduras. Beautiful all the same. I don't know that I can really say I have 'been to Honduras' after this.

(I love our shiny sun-screened faces)

We ended up staying the night in Honduras. Due to some high cross winds we could not get out of the narrow channel. The consequences of this was that we missed our day in Cozumel. I was ok with the extra day at sea lounging, reading, relaxing and of course eating! (I have been to Cozumel before)

Totally candid pictures at dinner.
Doesn't Melissa have the cutest smile ever! Get Melissa to have the giggles late at night ... hysterical!

more like VVVIP!

Cap'n Nick Nash was the Captain on mine and Jennie's first cruise. We managed to get ourselves invited to the Captains circle cocktail party (didn't actually make it due to scuba diving) . Anyway, Jennie worked with the Cap'n and got know his daughter. Well when we found out that Cap'n Nick Nash was the Captain of our cruise we were just thrilled! Jennie sent a note to the Cap'n and the next thing we know we have ourselves an invite to the BRIDGE! Not everyone gets an invite to the bridge ... in fact very few people get to go to the bridge. It was very exciting to see how everything works and as a total bonus ... the officers are total hotties!


I did a little eating on this trip.
So my jeans don't fit anymore ... what's the big deal?

Such lovely ladies.
Oh Nico!
Nico was our cruise boyfriend. He is a photog for the ship. Isn't he dreamy!

Princess Cays
"Blue Crush"
Raft Style
(this pretty much sums up our day on the island)
The Crown Princess
She is a fine ship she is!

It was a week of bliss ... pure bliss!


I have yet to introduce my new nephew
Axel Peter James Christensen
He is pretty much the sweetest thing on earth!

Friday, April 2, 2010

SB CC'10

I am off to my Happy Place! It has not been SUPER easy thus far but it will be all worth it when I am on the ship sipping a fancy drink soaking up sunshine, reading a book not giving a second thought to real life ... ANYWAY, the not easy part started when I checked in and my bag weighed too much! WHAT? That has never happened to me! I am the girl who takes a carry on to Europe for two months! So what do you do? It isn't like I can just take stuff out and throw it away. My backpack was pretty full. I finally decided to toss the sunscreen and aloe and after sun lotion. They were brand new! I sure did ask the girl at the counter if she wanted them! She might as well. No reason for them to go in the trash. I do feel better that someone will use them! Nice that I am going on a cruise with no sunscreen. I am currently sitting in the Denver airport in the middle of my 5 yes FIVE hour layover. This is the first of two ... next stop DETROIT! I really feel like I will have earned my passage on that ship! Do you feel sorry for me yet?