Monday, September 8, 2014

Blast From The Past

This whole trying to catch up thing isn't really working.  So I am going to blast you with pictures from the last year and then move on!  So hold on ... here we go!
 Erik gets artsy!
 My Mom turned 70!
 Engagement picture
 Honeymoon in Seattle
 We took a day trip to Victoria
Chihuly museum

 Fall in Provo Canyon
I took a little girls trip to Vegas while E was in Chicago

 Traditions continue .. hot chocolate outing with Aunt Sari AND "Prince Erik"
 Erik participates in his first art show.  He did a great job!
 Second honeymoon -- Hawaii 
 Christmas in Hawaii
 Surfing in Hawaii
 Choir tour to So. Cal with the high school
Thank goodness Jennie lives close by and could save me a couple of times.
 Crowther's and JD met me for a day of Disneyland
I have such good friends!
 Weekend trip to Moab
 First time to Arches - so cool!
 I chopped my hair (E was in China)
 Race for Red
 A very spontaneous trip to So. Cal to visit friends
 Movie in the park
 Sunday at the Ghetty
wish they lived closer
 Jennie D. visits for the 4th of July
Morning bike ride and we were interviewed by the news!
 Sundance full moon lift ride
 My family went camping -- weird I know but it was dang fun!
 Home improvement.  Starting with a little color
 Weekend trip to the Manti temple
Laura and E both take first in their age division 

Just a little glance to the last year!  It was a great year!