Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dreaming ...

These long days of cold, snow and homework are making me dream of warmer, stress-free days!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


147 days to go.  How do I know?  A paper chain from my Bestie tells me so!
Thanks KimiD!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Utah Snow to California Sun

Right on cue (Christmas that is) we became a winter wonderland.  I was home (enjoying ever second of not working and having no homework!) when I heard a ruckus outside.  The snow cleanup crew had arrived. 

They don't get much cuter than this!  The perks of living on the same street are not missing moments like this. 

I dropped everything (everything means a lot of nothing) to join the fun.
Hun's driveway made for the perfect sled run. 
Getting to spend lots of time with some of my favorite people was definitely a highlight of my Christmas break!  I had no homework, no work, no stress and lots of time to play play play!
While I was enjoying the snow and every minute of the break I could hardly wait to get on a plane and head for sunny California.  Lucky for me Sarah Zobell was up for adventure. 
We were so lucky to have beautiful weather for beach walking and patio dinning.  
 Happy Birthday to ... ME!
 Ya know, every birthday I have had with Jennie D. has been great. 
 We went to brunch at Huckleberry's.  They brought us these plates of pastries because they felt bad for the wait.  I like to think it was a birthday miracle.
  Green Eggs and Ham.  Oh my goodness!  Yum! 
My birthday was off to a very good start!

The Getty Villa
Is there a more perfect place for me to spend my birthday? NOPE! 
It was such a great day!  I loved getting to talk about art and playing art history teacher.  I forgot how much fun that can be! The weather was perfect, the art inspiring, the view stunning and the company lovely. 
My birthday ended with tacos from a taco truck.  This day just kept getting better.  
38 is going to be great!! 
It was a perfect birthday.  Thanks friends!
Our trip did not end with a perfect birthday.  
We got to go sailing!  How cool is that? (you probably go sailing all the time)
Well I happen to be cool enough to have a friend who sails.
 New Years Eve was spent sailing along the southern California coast line. 
 Good bye 2012!
Thanks Dave!
 Sarah Zobell rings in 2013!
 After sailing and a movie (the life of vacationers) Sarah and I went to a New Years party ... which needs a little explaining.  
The host of this party had everyone write something they wanted to leave behind in 2012 on a piece of paper.  We then stuffed the papers in a stuffed animal that we would burn.  I actually thought it was a cool idea. 
Where did it all go wrong?  When they (the boys) tied the stuffed animal to a rope hanging from a wood patio covering and doused it with lighter fluid!  As you can imagine the stuffed animal burst into flames.  Luckily the hostess of the party foresaw these events and had a fire extinguisher ready and waiting.  It was all very exciting and entertaining and maybe a little frightening.  All ended well.  It is a new years I will never forget! 

Here is to a great 2013!
Sadly I had to leave the sun and the warm and the beach and the sand ....

and head back to the snow! 

I had the most wonderful Christmas break.  It was fun and relaxing.  I had such a great birthday (that is not easy at this stage of the game).  I am ready for a new semester and to wrap up this whole grad school thing.  Lets get it done!