Friday, November 25, 2011

Let's Felt

Tis the season for crafting. Felt flowers for hair bands, a pin for your sweater, and maybe a pillow embellishment. Oh what fun felt can be!

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Thursday, November 24, 2011


PIE! PIE! PIE! My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the PIE! We start our pie consumption the night before. Pie for breakfast soon follows. pie for a snack and pie for lunch. A pie per person is the rule at our house on Thanksgiving.

Pecan Pie

heat oven to 350 degrees.

Melt a 1/4 c butter, pour over your favorite pie crust. Cover with foil and weigh down with beans. Bake 7 minutes.

1c sugar

1 c corn syrup

1/4 t salt

4 eggs, slightly beaten1 t vanilla

2 c pecan halves

Mix eggs, add sugar, corn syrup, salt, vanilla. Pour in crust add pecans. Bake for one hour or until bubbles in middle. (cover pie crust edges with foil)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Plus One

Maintaining a social life in your 30's can be a challenge. My super hiptastic LA friend K.J. came up with the idea of a PlusOne weekend. The concept is simple. All of us have a great friend of the opposite sex. Someone you love to hang with, but for whatever reason, at this moment in time, you probably are not going to date. It just is what it is. They are great, you are great, it just isn't meant to be, at least for the time being. We all need to meet new people, so why not spend a weekend together, in the mountains meeting each others' friends.. or as we like to call them... your "PlusOne."
I talked a couple of my coolest pals into it and off to Lake Arrowhead we went. Dave, Kim, Brad and I took off early Friday and spent the day in Santa Monica. We walked the beach and the pier. There was sufficient entertainment for an overcast November day. Lunch was on Third St. Promenade before heading for Arrowhead where we met up with Stacy K. I admit that half the incentive was getting to see my LA peeps.
Lake Arrowhead thought it was winter! It was freezing. The wind, fog, rain and cold did not stop us from adventure. We were all over the ropes course, zip line and my new hobby ARCHERY!
Kim and I are thinking team archery for the next Olympics. (Please don't miss the "gospel, soul, country, patriotic" street performer in the background. She was fantastic!)
It was one of those weekends of non stop laughing. The kind of laughing where you can't breath ... and tears are rolling down your cheeks. You can't remember why you are even laughing. Awe ... everyone needs a friend that you can laugh with like that!
We met lots of cool new people and had a great time. It was another new place for me to check off my list this year(Lake Arrowhead is beautiful ... I highly recommend it!). I totally earned the complete exhaustion that I paying for today!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Now that I am done with my test I am dieing to get back to some necessities ... making is one of them! I text Hun and got a CRAFTERNOON planned RIGHT away! I have been itching to make something.
With the holidays right around the corner we thought we would get warmed up with a little Christmas banner to add to our decor. I think this JOY ornament banner will be very fun hanging from my window garland.
Lisa joined the fun and whipped this cute one out.

Oh it felt good! It was just what I needed.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Did you know that Roberts Crafts Stores offers a 25% off teacher discount? I love it when stores have teacher discounts. Thank you Roberts Crafts!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


It happens once a century. I hadn't thought much about it until people started posting about it on FB. My sister even had an 11/11/11 11:11 party. Suddenly I was feeling pressure to do something exciting. It felt uncomfortably like New Years Eve (that is another post). I wasn't even at school to do something fun with my kids. So I started texting KimiD, wondering if we should be throwing together a last minute 11/11/11 party. A series of text lead to us attempting to plan a party. It was over before it started. Our excitement waned quickly as the reality of what we were taking on hit us.
I don't remember what I was doing or where I was on 8/8/88 or 9/9/99. I don't even remember anyone making a big deal of those days. Not so for this epic day. So what did I do on 11/11/11? I spent the day at a literacy conference. I went to the mall and did a little shopping with my GAP 40% off card. I visited my parents. Went to Target. I went home, took a bath, read my book. I was totally determined to stay awake until 11:11 pm (I missed 11:11 a.m.) so that I could make a wish on the luckiest minute on the luckiest day of the year. To no avail. I just wasn't able to stay awake. It could have been just another day ... and not a half bad day if I say so myself. And that is what I did on 11/11/11! I will be better prepared for 12/12/12.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hello World

I'm back!

I am SO excited to be done with my test and have my life back. I am looking forward to reading a book, cleaning my house, exercising, crafternoon and catching up on all that I neglected for the last several months.

A huge thanks for all the support and encouragement given during this endeavor. I was reminded how blessed I am to have so many great people in my life.

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