Sunday, September 23, 2012

I'm going to Cali to Cali to Cali

 Actually I went to Cali ... I finished my finals (yep, I survived stats!) and had a little break before my internship started.  It just so happened that Jennie D was driving back to California. So I headed to Cali for a quick summer vacation! It was like the good old days with Jennie D.  The DFA in Beaver for some squeaky cheese and ice cream anyone? 
 It was the best week! Partly because I had NO homework but mostly because I was with some of my favorite people doing some of my favorite things ....
Pedicures and massages.  Pool time and tacos.  Movies and shopping.
A little synchronized swimming with Stacy.  Our form has really gotten good!
I went to the Newport Beach LDS temple.  It was amazing. 
  Orange County Fair!  Hello fried food! ... and some terrifying rides.  Pretty sure if my eyes would have been open I would have seen my life flash before me.
 My one request was a day at the beach! 
 The waves were HUGE! Just ask Jennie ... she had to save a baby. 
  It was everything I hoped it would be!

Thanks to Jennie D. and Stacy for my much needed summer vacation. 
 It was PERFECT!

Dirty Dirty Dash

 It was a beautiful day to get a little dirty! 
 The Dirty Dash 2012
 Adding a little mud and a few obstacles to a  5k sure makes running more fun! 

Don't mess!  These girls know how to throw it down!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Photo

We have been having the most beautiful sunrises.  It makes driving to work that early in the morning just a little more pleasant.