Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall (heavenly) Break

It seems a little early in the year to be needing a break ... but I really did! Fall Break did not disappoint. I would like to thank the local weather man for pulling through with such delightful weather for the entire weekend. It was simply perfect. I had a long list of things to accomplish.

I painted my front door. (a chore on my list for two summers)

I got shelves put up in my garage!!! (5 1/2 years on the wish list) So then I got to clean out and organize the garage.

Glorious .. love it! I keep going out there to get .. stuff, cause I can!

I went up to the cabin for a little R&R. Hey look, they are filming a movie a just down the street with Diane Keaton and Kevin Klein. This is the set for some of the out door scenes. It was pretty cool to see.

After checking that out for a bit Dad and I went on a little hike. Probably our last of the year .. until snowshoeing! It was still so beautiful. We might have .. maybe sorta missed the trail and ended up tromping through the forest for a while. But not worries Dad knew where we were the whole time.

(Oh my isn't this pretty! I sure did take this WHILE riding my bike, very skilled)

Jessie came down for bike ride. It was the most perfect weather for a ride. We went to the west side for a 30 miler. I did my best to enjoy as much outdoor time as I could. After our ride we headed straight to In'n Out. It was such a great day!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time off. Gosh I am good at not working!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Miss C.? Were you ugly in high school?"

I love being a teacher.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be Still My Heart

The MECCA of all craft stores!
Your heart will pitter and patter. Your craft blood will boil. Now we have one right here in UV.
Aahhhh! I can hardly stand it!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Together Forever

Just what every girl wants in her living room.
(you want one of these in your living room ... don't you?)
This year I won't have to put her away for the winter. It won't be the same but at least it is something. All winter long I see her just sitting in the garage. I tell her hi and how I long to take her out but that I am far to wimpy to do so in the cold so she .... and I will just have to wait until the warm weather comes again. Not this year! We can be together all year long.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

There is beauty all around.

We have been enjoying a lovely Indian Summer. The days have been warm, the nights have been cool, warning us summer is slipping away. It makes my heart hurt just a little (figuratively speaking {the other day I said "my heart hurts" and my dad asked if I was saying that literally or figuratively ... that time I was being literal. I still have some inflammation once in a while that hurts}) for the summer to end. Although I do love the Fall.
On Friday, Peter, Minni, Dad and I did my favorite hike in Provo canyon. You ride the lift at Sundance up to the top and then hike to Stewart Falls. It is such a beautiful hike.

Did you already know about Provo's Rooftop Concert series? What a super cool event. It is on the top of a parking structure in downtown. We heard Libby Linton and Lower Lights. Loved both groups.

Saturday was spent enjoying the last day (sniff sniff, sigh) by the pool. The key to my happiness will be put away for the winter this week. And of course enjoying General Conference. It has been an especially nice ... glorious weekend! My life may not be perfect, but it sure is pretty great. I think Heaven Father must love me.