Friday, June 6, 2014

Dave and Stacy Get Married and My Summer Vacation

In between finishing school and starting my new job I took a ten day trip to California (June 2013).  My real reason for going was for Dave and Stacy's wedding (it is super awesome when friends marry each other!).  I took advantage of my trip and had myself a little vacation.  I totally think I deserved a little break (I had been working so hard!).  Of course I planned the trip before Erik and I were dating.  No worries, we talked every day!
I love both Dave and Stacy!  I take A LOT of credit for them getting together.  It was a great day!
You may recognize Stacy from my cruise pictures.  That is how we became friends!
She was such a beautiful bride!
Weddings are soo fun!  Look how much fun we are having.  (totally posed)
We had a little time between the wedding and the reception so we headed over to Watts.  Ya, Watts, Los Angeles!  It was a little scary I won't lie.  But seeing Watts Towers made it so worth it.  If you are going to LA you should put this on your list.  What a wacky place this is.
You know that Jennie Doezie is one of my favorite people.  We spent lots of time at the beach and I loved it.  
My last day there we went to Glen Ivy.  It is pretty much one of my favorite places.  (who doesn't love a day spa in So. Cal.?)
I drove back to Utah with Jennie.  I don't love road trips .. but this one is ALWAYS fun with Jennie D.  
It was a much needed break!  It was a great way for me to decompress after a very stressful month!  But I won't lie, I was excited to get home to see E.  I totally missed him and I am pretty sure he missed me!
Two days later I started my new job.  Not the summer breaks I am use to that's for sure!

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Ashley said...

Glen ivy is so great!! We did a sister retreat there a few years back, so fun!!