Thursday, June 26, 2014

Family Reunion = Test

Erik invited me to go to his family reunion in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  I guess he had never brought a girlfriend to the family reunion before so of course everyone thought this was a BIG deal.  Little did they know that we had already talked about getting married and I even had the date in mind.   
The drive to Jackson was beautiful.  We had some serious storms.  
 I didn't realize that this was a bit of a test.  A road trip is a good test.  I guess I passed ... and so did he.  
 We had a great time.   We hiked to the beautiful lake.  E and I even swam to a rock out in the middle of the lake.  We drove by the Tetons.  Very cool!  
 We "camped" outside his sisters house.  That is MY idea of camping.  
Erik kept asking me if I was doing ok.  I had to remind him that I have known and been friends with his sisters longer than I have known him.  How great is it to marry into a family that you are already friends with!  
What Erik didn't know was that the girls kept sneaking into the house and looking at wedding stuff on Pinterest.  I don't think anyone was very surprised when we got engaged a couple weeks later.

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