Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kentucky Derby

Jennie Doezie tagged me .. the tag is that you have to write a post about the 6th picture on your computer. Well this is the 6th picture on my computer. For real .. it is!

In the Spring of 2005 my brother Josh and I went to the Kentucky Derby with my cousin Amy and her husband Scott. Scott and Amy were living in Kentucky at the time while Scott was working for Ford which is how we got the tickets for the Derby.

It was so fun to get dressed up and to a wear a big hat. I now own a big hat if you ever need one. I have yet to have another occasion to wear it. There are two areas of the Kentucky Derby. The area we were in had a big tent with catered food and tables for us to sit and relax between races. Everyone was dressed to the nines. We had our own viewing area of the track and betting area (which of course was the most fun part!)
Over on the side of us were the ... how do I say this ... the less fortunate people. They were there with their coolers and folding chairs. They were NOT wearing fancy hats and heels! When you got to close to the fence that separated the two groups the 'others' would start chanting, "rich people suck!" It was very funny!
The horse races were very exciting. I had never been nor since been into horse racing but thoroughly enjoyed it while I was there. I kind of felt like I was in a movie. It was a very fun day and a once in a life time experience!
Thanks again Amy and Scott!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Pure Smiles!

These are my tulips. I can see them from my kitchen and I am pure smiles every time I see them! Oh how I love Spring!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break 2008 vs Spring Break 2009

Spring Break 2008

Spring Break 2009


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Fast and the Furious 4

Best movie EVER!
Cinematography ... amazing!
Script/plot .. brilliant!
Vin ... Oscar .. for sure!
(said in your most sarcastic voice)

Of course I really did love it!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Are you a runner?"

Provo City 5K
If you have a picture of yourself running through a finish line, with a race number pinned to your leg,and a "Rocky" fist pumped in the air can you officially call yourself a runner?
About a month ago Jennie asked me if I would run a 5K with her. She had some fitness goals she had set for herself and thought this was a good place to start. She thought having a buddy might help her stick to it. Sure! Why not? I am always up for a good challenge! Now some of you are scoffing at the idea that a 5K is a challenge. Well for some of us it is! I came to discover over the course of the last month what a challenge it actually was for my little body. There are several, many, most thing that come more natural to me than running!
But we stuck to it ... and we did it! We ran, well jogged would really be a better term to use, based on our time, ;) but running sounds so much better, in the Provo City Half Marathon (super impressive) and 5k race! You will notice by the winter gear that we are all sporting that we have had a very unseasonably cold spring. It has been in the 30's and snowing all week and race day was no different. But that just makes us that much tougher ... or something! It was a lot of fun and there is nothing like accomplishing a challenging goal! We are already talking about our next race in May. Thanks Jennie for the challenge. Let's keep it up!
**surprise M I "ran" a race!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wa!-Mart is Soo Awesome

If you know me at ALL you know how I feel about Wa!Mart. I have very legitimate reasons for my feelings ... the smell for one. Wa!mart smells .. it just does! But that is not what this is about. I mentioned in my post about my visit to Beckie's the gift card to Wa!mart I was given for a teacher award I received at the beginning of the year ... I spent part of it on an Ipod shuffle. Ringing a bell? Anyway, I still had about $45 left of this gift card. So I have been making a little list of things that I need and figured I would use the rest of that money and be done with it once and for all .. finally! So last night I psyched myself up for my trip to the Wa!mart! (I really dislike it that much) I pull into the parking lot which is a nightmare in and of itself! Right across the isle is a creepy guy just sitting in his truck watching me .. weird but whatever. I go to walk in and just as I am reaching the doors two males, maybe 19 years old, big baggy clothes, hats on backward, are walking out. Just as they hit the doors a Wa!mart employee (vest and all) and a plain clothes guy come busting after them. The plain clothes guy is forcefully, but not yelling, trying not to make a scene I am sure, telling them to stop right where they are. Then he starts saying things like, "just give them up!" "we know that you have cd's off the $5 stand" "we saw you take them!" All of this is happening as I am walking by, I am trying to get out of the way sorta afraid that the thugs are going to pull out a gun or something .. cause that is the kind of thing that happens at the Wa!mart! Sure enough the thugs reach into their big baggy pants and start pulling out the cds (not a gun)! Not even kidding! So apparently Wa!mart has plain clothes guys that just walk around the store watching people???

I get my cart and start grabbing my stuff. Of course it is crowded and a mess and it stinks .. no really it does! I am over in the food section and I am next to some guy and his phone rings. All flustered he sets his stuff down answers his phone and starts yelling, "you don't have to keep calling me!" and then hangs up on on the person. What? Who does that? I go to check out and I am not even going to talk about the person working the check out .. just use your imagination. Of course they can't get the gift card to work .. the register starts beeping and the employee just keeps pushing buttons which makes the machine beep more, and I think louder but I might have been imagining that part. So finally a manager has to come over. Puts a key in, pushes lots of buttons blah blah blah finally ..... "Ok, it looks like you have $2.43 left on your gift card." Are you kidding me!

To top it all off .... on my out, the very nice Wa!mat greeter had the nerve to ask ME to see my receipt! Oh, and, the creepy guy in the truck was still there! I think I will let Wa!mart keep it's $2.43!
I went the distance. I am ready for Saturday .... stay tuned!