Thursday, June 24, 2010

Karaoke Chickens

Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay Race

As much as I talk about not being a runner ... what was I thinking signing up for this? A challenge, an adventure? That's what I was thinking! (runners 1-6 ... van 1. Starting line. So fresh and clean!)
I team, 12 people, 3 running legs. 2 vans. Logan to Park City.
As a total bonus ... it was such a pretty run.
Just getting ready for my last run. An easy 4 miler. It is about 10:00 AM and already HOT! We have been on the course for 24 hours now. This is fun? Heck yes it is fun! Casey was our driver. He was AWESOME! PRICELESS!
"Road Kills"
When you pass someone on the course.
We ended up with a hundred and something. That's right ... watch out .. you just got passed by a "chick"
Some how this gives you crazy motivation when running in middle of the night.
Van 1 ... We did it!!!
These girls were such a blast to race with. I could never have done something like this without them. They were so supportive and encouraging.
Totally wiped out!
(not so fresh and clean)
We did get to cross paths and even met up with van 2 on the race course. We stopped for a quick photo opt while they had a runner out. They rocked the running! Good job everyone!
Team Karaoke Chickens coming across the finish line.
188 miles ... 31 hrs 45 min.
One crazy adventure.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lala's Clay Camp

You all remember Lala .... remember our FABULOUS weekend of Spark? Well my sister Cass (aka Hun) and I went to visit her and her ceramic studio in Ephrata Washington. It was CLAY CAMP 2010!

It would not have been complete without Sandi joining us.

Lala took us out to see her horse. Look how beautiful the land is. We could not resist posing and taking dramatic pictures. There was even a rainbow.

We worked and worked and worked! It was so much fun being in Lala's studio. Clay is just so much fun. I always learn so much from Lala.

Hun and I did take a little break to hang out with this guy.
My sister is so much fun to be with. I loved getting to spend a weekend with her ... just her!

This display was just asking for me to jump up and pose in it. If only I had on my Demo Derby outfit! Thanks Lala for a fabulous weekend. Clay Camp was awesome.

Monday, June 14, 2010

My cousin, Amy, is doing a GIVEAWAY on her blog ... It is an AWESOME giveaway (hint .. it is my sisters art!)! Check it out!

Monday, June 7, 2010


After spending a few days with Christy in San Jose I met up with Josh and Em in San Francisco. The purpose of this trip ...
Escape from Alcatraz!This is my third time, Josh's 4th, and Em's first!
We arrived a couple days early to swim in the bay and of course make a little vacation out of it.

Pre-Race photo ... notice the FOG!
We had enjoyed gorgeous weather all weekend long. Race day we wake up to San Francisco fog. They hauled us out to Alcatraz and we sat ... and waited to see if the fog would lift. We could not see a thing ... at last they canceled the swim announcing an alternate swim from the shore instead.

It was still in the ocean, still cold, with LOTS of sharks! (ok probably not) so it COUNTS!

A VERY dramatic finish!

Emily conquers the open water!
She did awesome. We stuck together the entire swim. It was quite an adventure!

We swam from the shore ... out around this wall and back in.
This is looking back toward the shore from the wall.
While it was a little disappointing not to have gotten to "Escape from the Rock" (mostly for Em) it was still an adventure.
After our swim we decided to rent bikes and ride the foggy bridge.... (notice I am wearing my Alcatraz shirt and a hat .. what? funny!)
... and then on to Tiburon.
It was a delightful ride (wishing the entire time that I was on my road bike) along the water ... most of the way.
Just checking out where we had been swimming earlier that day. We are pretty impressed with ourselves!

After swimming and biking ... we decided to make it a total fitness day and add a short run in. (running slow motion for a picture makes for an ugly run) Dang we were tired by the time we got back to our room!

What a fun weekend I had with Josh and Emily! I have a GREAT family! We just need to get Hun and Pete in on the swimming thing.

At last my California adventure was over. It was a great way to kick off my summer! No worries ... there are many more adventures to come!

One of my MOST favorite people in the world, my 8th grade locker partner, Christy!
She now lives in San Jose, so on my way to San Francisco I stopped for a quick visit. Spending time with Christy is like therapy!

Hit the road!

It is such an old person thing to say ... but time is flying. I CANNOT believe that I am already writing another end of school year post.
Simply said, I had a DREAMY school year. I had great kids and lovely parents. I am sure that is why the year just floated by. I love, love, love my job! Not only do I love teaching and I adore my kids ... this particular school year I have been so grateful for the amazing people I work with! Many of them have become very close, personal friends. They offer so much love and support. I am simply a lucky girl.
I did not waste a single second. School ended and I jumped on a plane ... literally!
I headed to Southern California for Memorial Day weekend with the girls. Oh we had a fabulous weekend. Saturday - Glen Ivy Day Spa. (um ... heaven!) Sunday - Getty Museum. Monday - Art Fair in Hermosa Beach (with B.C.)
Aw-- it was just a great weekend!
I then headed off to San Jose to see Christy .....